Chinese shoppers Buying pattern in 2015

China is home to one of the world’s most swiftly growing economies, with many Chinese trying hard to find ways to export that wealth overseas. It’s been big news recently that wealthy Chinese Shoppers have been making big property purchases abroad, with American and Australian homes proving to be particular favorite targets. In the US, the New Jersey-based company Ethnic Technologies determined that almost 50% of Chinese buyers of US homes paid in cash in the year ending May 2015, making them naturally very attractive buyers. As regards investment, it’s been widely documented that the Chinese are turning in their droves to a commodity that’s tax-free, portable, digital and with a proven market: domain names. The Chinese, in 2015, are powering through the internet, buying premium domain names one at a time.

So much for China’s big purchases. But while things like houses and ready investments have worldwide appeal, there are other things being bought up by the Chinese that don’t quite resonate in the same way elsewhere in the world. As the rapid increase to the Chinese economy seems to reach – for now – a plateau, it’s been noticed that the number of Chinese people purchasing new cars has fallen off. They have, it seems, all the cars they need. So if the Chinese aren’t buying cars to go with their multi-million-dollar overseas homes and their high-end domain names, what are they buying? And how is it affecting the rest of the world?

In 2012, Chinese shoppers became the biggest market of luxury consumers on the globe.

They have wealth, and they exist in huge numbers. It befits any company, anywhere, to know what the Chinese market wants. But it may come as a surprise to some that what the Chinese want in 2015 seems to be…heated toilet seats.

 Continued in Part 2